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Although reading Osho’s messages available in the form of books can cleanse one’s thought processes, it is necessary to adopt his meditation techniques to cleanse the Body and the Soul. To cleanse the the Body the Mind and the Soul scientifically, Osho has formulated several techniques and methods.

Osho Sannidhi is a meditational camp site  situated on the foothills of the famous Chamundi Hills in the city of Mysore. Started in 2004, Sannidhi has been conducting meditation camps for the seekers treading the spiritual path.Under the guidance of Sadguru Osho, Sannidhi has been conducting three days residential meditation camps every month at its premises. Osho Sannidhi is approximately ten kilometers away from the city of Mysore and built in a serene place surrounded by greenery. Its meditation hall, surrounded by coconut, banana and orange trees together with several other plants provide an excellent place for meditators to begin their inner journey. Meditation camps at Sannidhi mainly focus on the methods formulated by Sadguru Osho for treating the Body, the Mind and the Soul.

Osho’s friends and meditators spread across the state of Karnataka and several other places in India, gather at Sannidhi to explore and invent various methods and techniques to reach their spiritual destination.

Osho Sannidhi, built and operated by Osho Friends extends warm welcome to all of you interested in this spiritual journey.
Many people have benefited from the meditation camps being organised regularly at Sannidhi. Some of our friends has documented their experience in their blogs. Links to those blogs are provided here.

The Vicinity of Osho Sannidhi