(Osho-Allama Insight Foundation, Mysore)

Osho Sannidhi is place to be in Silence. A place to dance or to be passive, devote to other or to oneself, serve or get  served, give or receive, understand or misunderstand, laugh or cry, to love other or oneself, to care or get cared, to let go or to go through, to relax or to act, to sing or to listen, to express cathartic or gibberish.. Each one or all of these are the tools of meditation, essentially aimed at for the purpose of playfully arriving at the state of Just Be, to available to oneself, to have the company of one’s own. To be Here in the Now. So that, to rise from suppressive life to expressive, from expressive to witnessing, from witnessing consciousness to pure consciousness and awareness so that the blossoming of tremendous insight, intelligence into the beauty of life. So that the  realization-‘I am not the doer; God/ existence is all-doer..

Osho Sannidhi is a place that belong to each one which has the body of any shape, may be having two,four or several legs, may be moving or unmoving,walking or flying, jumping or crawling, dwelling in space or in the air, fire or water, inside or on the earth and called by any name. Osho Sannidhi belongs to all those minds which may accept or dissent, have faith in anything or nothing, believe or question or no-mind. Osho Sannidhi belongs to those hearts which love to learn love, shares to learn sharing, lives to learn living., does anything and everything to keep on learning .

Osho Sannidhi is a laboratory of love, laughter, dance, devotion, silence, prayer, celebration.,for which each one helps each other; each one gets support from each other .

Osho Sannidhi is the name of meditation center run by Osho Allama insight Foundation, Mysore which is a non profitable public charitable Registered Trust, to learn, to impart meditation, yoga, pranayam to each interested one irrespective of their caste, creed, gender or religion.
It is a center completely dedicated for spirituality run by spiritual seekers and for spiritual seekers.

“ Satsangatve nissangatvam; nissangatve nirmohatvam;  nirmohatve Nischalatavam;nishchalatatve jeevanmukti”